Descendants of:

Robert Woollett m. Ann Tynemouth

I do not know the birth or marriage dates of Robert and Ann but estimate the birth date of Robert to be around 1795 on the assumption that he married at age 25 (around 1820) and soon afterwards in 1822 had his son Charles.  These assumed date may of course be wildly wrong.

Here are listed 5 generations of the descendants of Robert Woollett

(Detailed information on later generations has been with-held to preserve their privacy.)

This is a condensed version of the work of a number of researchers, most notably that of Stu and Nikki Woollett and Sandra Roach. Please contact me if you feel that you should also be credited with some of the research and I shall happily add your name.
Let me know if you find errors or omissions. I would like to be able to update this information as more becomes available.

I anticipate that there may be a lot of errors (largely introduced by me!) in this first submission.  By openly publishing the data it makes it available for scrutiny and correction.

There are hyperlinks between the generations to make navigation a little easier. After the name of a primary individual one parent is shown in brackets so that you can link back to the preceding generation. Where a child is included in the following generation there is a link forwards. Additional links lead to related documents.

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If you have any supplementary information, details of early wills etc. that I can link to the individuals shown here, it would make these rather cold facts more interesting.

Generation No. 1

Robert Woollett was possibly born around 1795 (between, say, 1750 and 1802).

He married Ann Tynemouth

Child of Robert Woollett and Ann Tynemouth is:

i. Charles Woollett, born abt. 1822 in Durham and died 1896 in Australia.

Generation No. 2

Charles Woollett (Robert)  was born abt. 1822 in Durham and died 16 July 1896 in Thirroul, NSW, Australia.

He married (1) Margaret Ellerington.

He married (2) Ann Nichols 14 Feb 1847 in Dalton le Dale, Durham.  Ann was born abt. 1826.

Children of Charles Woollett and Ann Nichols are:

i.  Robert Woollett, born 1851 in Easington, died 1906 in New Zealand.
ii  Thomas Woollett.
iii Charles Woollett, born 31 May1854 in Murton, Durham, died 10 June 1854 in Murton.
iv Walter Woollett, born 1853 in Dalton le Dale, died 1912 in Australia.

Generation No. 3

Robert Woollett (Charles)  was born 30 Aug 1851 in Easington, Durham and died 1 Jun 1906 in Brunnerton, New Zealand.

He married (1) Mary Anne Daglish 28 Oct 1873 in Easington, Durham. Mary was the daughter of Abner Daglish and Elizabeth Kears. She was born abt. 1853 in Easington, Durham and died 17 Jul 1902 in New Zealand. The surname is also shown as Dalglish.

He married (2) Mary Ann Griffiths some time after 1902.

Children of Robert Woollett and Mary Anne Daglish are:

There is uncertainty about the number of children and whether or not some of them may have been duplicated.

i.  Charles Abner Woollett, born 1874 in Jarrow, died 1899 in New Zealand.
ii  Abner Woollett, born abt. 1876 in Durham, died 1923 in New Zealand.
iii Margaret Ann Woollett, born abt. 1877 in Thirroul, NSW, Australia and died abt. 1877 in Thirroul.
iv Isabella Woollett, born abt. 1879.
Margaret Woollett, born abt. 1881 in Thirroul.
vi Elizabeth Woollett, born abt. 1882 in Thirroul, NSW, Australia. She married George Gardiner.
vii Mary Jane Woollett, born 30 Apr 1883 in Thirroul, NSW, Australia. She married Tom McFee.
viii Isabella Woollett, born 19 Apr 1885 in Thirroul, NSW, Australia. She married Douglas.
ix  Sarah Woollett, born abt. 1887 in Thirroul, NSW, Australia.
x   Alice Woollett, born 10 Sep 1889 in Thirroul, NSW, Australia and died 24 Jul 1960 in Tauranga, New Zealand. She married William Drake.
xi   Hannah Violet Woollett, born 1891 in Australia died there in 1951.
xii  Robert Woollett, born 19 Feb 1894 in Thirroul, NSW, Australia.
xiii Walter Woollett, born 1897 in New Zealand and died there in 1957.

Walter Woollett (Charles)  was born abt. 1853 in Dalton le Dale, Durham and died 13 Jul 1912 in Thirroul, NSW, Australia.

He married  Margaret Brennan abt. 1872 in Hetton le Hole, Durham.

Children of Walter Woollett and Margaret Brennan are:

i.  Thomas Woollett, born abt. 1876.
ii  Charles W. Woollett, born abt. 1879.

Generation No. 4

Charles Abner Woollett (Robert) was born 1874 in Jarrow, Northumberland and died 19 May 1899 in Brunner Mine, Brunnerton, New Zealand.

He married Martha Ada Smith 9 Mar 1898 in Brunnerton, New Zealand.  Martha was born abt. 1878 in Huddersfield and died 28 Feb 1956.

Child of Charles Abner Woollett and Matha Ada Smith is:

Abner Woollett, born 1899 in New Zealand and died there in 1975.

Abner Woollett (Robert) was born abt 1876 in Durham and died 29 Jul 1923 in Greymouth, New Zealand.

He married Eliza McMaster 10 Jan 1901 in New Zealand.  Eliza was born in 1875 and died 5 Sep 1957. She has also been shown as Eliza Masters.

Children of Abner Woollett and Eliza McMaster are:

i   John Woollett, born 22 Sep 1910.
ii  Charles Woollett, died bef. 1996.
iii  Irene Woollett

Margaret Woollett (Robert) was born abt 1881 in Thirroul, NSW, Australia.

She married Adolphus Shannon

Children of Margaret Woollett and Adolphus Shannon are:

i   Myrtle Shannon.
ii   Rita Shannon
iii  Elenor Shannon
iv  Gladys Shannon
v   Ernest Walter Shannon

Sarah Woollett (Robert) was born abt. 1887 in Thirroul, NSW, Australia.

She married Ernest Beckinsdale

Children of Sarah Woollett and Ernest Beckinsdale are:

i   Ernest Beckinsdale.
ii   Raymond Beckinsdale.
iii  Mavis Beckinsdale.
iv  Lesley Beckinsdale.

Hannah Violet Woollett (Robert) was born 29 Oct 1891 in Helensburgh, NSW, Australia and died 6 Jul 1951 in Victoria, Australia.

She married William John Thompson. William was born 18 May 1887 in Beechworth, Victoria, Australia and died 14 Mar 1959 in Belgrave, Victoria, Australia.

 Children of Hannah Violet Woollett and William John Thompson are:

i   William Robert Thompson m. Jean Goot LeeCoon
ii   Mary Caroline Thompson m. Glen Raymond McGie
iii  Alice Edna Thompson m. Henry Daniel Arthur Roach

Walter Woollett (Robert) was born 26 Dec 1897 in Taylorville, Grey, New Zealand and died 29 May 1957 in Rangiora, New Zealand.

He married Amy Elinor Castle 21 Nov 1918 in Holy Trinity Church, Greymouth, New Zealand. Amy was born 12 Feb 1898.

Children of Walter Woollett and Amy Elinor Castle are:

i.  Ralph Abner Castle Woollett m. Melva Russ Cooper.
ii  Walter Robert Woollett m. Phyllis Winifred Allen.
iii  Dawn Ellen Woollett m. Leslie Meikle.
iv  Reg Woollett
v   Betty Woollett

Generation No. 5

Abner Woollett (Charles) was born 19 Jan 1899 in Taylorville, Greymouth, New Zealand and died 22 Jan 1975 in Christchurch, New Zealand. He is buried in Mokihunui, New Zealand.

He married Elza Marguerite Marris 21 Sep 1926 in New Zealand.  Elza was born abt. 1904.

Children of Abner Woollett and Elza Marguerite Marris are:

i.  Rita Joan Woollett m. Robert Livingstone Black.
ii  Valda Margeurite Woollett m. Dudley Royce Cleal.
iii  Charles Abner Woollett.
iv  Maxwell James Woollett m. Shirley Mavis Stuart.

Charles Woollett (Abner) died bef. 1996.

He married Ellen Marjorie

Children of Charles Woollett and Ellen Marjorie are:

i.  Beverley Woollett.
ii  Richard Woollett

Generation No. 6 etc.

Later details with-held as information is about living individuals.  Any reasonable suggestions to remove or change information will be complied with.

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