Elizabeth Woollett born 1616 in Surrey, England.
Emigrated to Connecticut USA.

An article contributed by Mary Doud

"The following information is taken from the Doud - Huston Family Records in the possession of Robert and Mary Huston Doud.  The data is the result of many years of research and comes from sources too numerous to mention while keeping the data in a useable condensed format.  The data represents the best judgment of the various individuals that have provided it to us".

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I have been contacted by Patricia Doud Glover (Pasadena, California) who has queried the marriage of Henry Doude to Elizabeth Woollett.  None of this is my own research so I do not have any particular view of the accuracy of any of the statements made but present the information here so that you, the reader, have all the available information.  I cannot imagine that it would be too difficult to sort out fact from fiction in this case and perhaps if I can find the time I may be able to look into the records myself..... but then again.....

Patricia referred to a very interesting web site www.dowdgen.com which contains a lot more detail than I have reproduced here but given that web sites tend to "come and go" I have cribbed part of the information shown on that web site just in case it should disappear, I have tried to obtain their permission but the email bounced.  If anyone would like to send me large sums of money so that I am free from the need to earn a living and able to spend more time on research (I do not do the lottery) that would be wonderful (smile).

Copied from the web site "www.dowdgen.com":-

".... Parish records for Woodchurch, England, reveal that "The 27th of October was baptized Henrie ye son of Henrie Dowde" (1611). From the same source, we learn that Henry Dowd, about 22, married Elizabeth Dadson, about 22, on 2 May 1635. She was the daughter of Ambrose Dadson, a carpenter." Woodchurch is east northeast of Tenterden, Henry's probable birthplace, in the Vale of Kent.
It is not known when the young couple first heard the preaching of Reverend Henry Whitfield, the pastor who was to lead them to the New World. His church was in Ockley, Surrey. It was not unusual for the pious to travel considerable distances to hear the sermons of eloquent ministers, or for ministers to visit other parishes preaching the gospel according to Puritan tenets. The East Anglia region, comprised of Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex, was a Puritan stronghold. About 65 to 70 percent of English emigrants to New England at the time of The Great Migration came from East Anglia and surrounding counties ....."


"..... 1625 – 1649: Generation 1
Henry and Elizabeth Doude were Puritan settlers. We can learn something about them by understanding the religious community they were a part of at the time of The Great Migration (1629 - 1640.
English marriage records indicate that Elizabeth's last name may have been Dadson, not Woolett as often supposed.
An inventory of Henry Doude's estate at the time of his death was recorded in New Haven Probate District between November 1668 and October 1669 ......"

Thank you Patricia for raising this matter and thank you to the creators of the very well crafted web site www.dowdgen.com 

Now back to the original article contributed by Mary Doud ......

Descendants of Elizabeth Woollett

Generation No. 1

1. Elizabeth Woollett was born 1616 in Surrey, Kent, England, and died October 1684 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA. She married Henry DOUDE October 18, 1626 in Canterbury, Kent, England at St. George the Martyr, other records show the date as 1636 in Woodschurch Parish. He was born 1612 in Guildford, Surrey, England, and died August 31, 1668 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut.

Family name has also been spelled as Wollett by some researchers.

Elizabeth Woollett is buried in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut.

Henry Doude immigrated in 1639 from Guildford, Surrey or Kent, England (17 miles SW of London), under the guidance of Reverend Henry Whitfield and settled in Guilford, Connecticut. While still on the ship, the St. John, he signed the covenant of Guilford. He married Elizabeth Woollett while still in England.

The Doude family may have come from France where there is a town called Doudeville. Doudeville has existed for so long that the origin of the name is not readily available. It is NW of Paris and near the English Channel. Another likely origin is the Netherlands where there was a Doude family of shipping merchants in the early 1600’s. It could be possible that one or more of the Puritan ships carried Henry to England to be supplied with Planters before coming to America. And of course Ireland and Scotland both hold to the O’Dubhda clan theory of origin. As for myself I lean to the Netherlands. In America, I have found no connection between the English Henry Doude and the much later arriving Irish. Nor have I found any documented marriages between the two groups.

His parents may have been Thomas and Elizabeth Doude according to one researcher, however, proof is not provided.

Henry and Elizabeth sailed from London on the ship "Saint John" under Captain Richard Russell leaving on May 20, 1639 and arriving at New Haven Colony on July 10-15. The village of Guilford (just east of New Haven) was settled later in the Fall of 1639. The Rev. Whitfield and his group are said to have purchased the Guilford property from the female Chief of the local Indians. The cost of the land was said to have been: 12 Coats, 12 fathom of Wampum (beads), 12 Glasses, 12 payer of Shoes, 12 Hatchets, 12 pairs of Stockings, 12 Hoes, 4 Kettles, 12 Knives, 12 Hats, 12 Porringers, 12 Spoons, and 2 English Coats.


'Ancestry of Rev. Henry Whitfield' by John Threlfall, reference page 19.

Covenant entered into by Henry Whitfield and 24 others when they came to Guilford, Connecticut from England, 1 June 1639. Found among manuscript papers of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

"We whose names are herein written, intending by God's gracious permission, to plant ourselves in New England, and if it may be in the Southerly part, about Quinpisac (later named New Haven), we do faithfully promise each for ourselves and families and those that belong to us, that we will, the Lord assisting us, sit down and join ourselves together in one entire plantation and to be helpful to the other in any common work, according to every man's ability and as need shall require, and we promise not to desert or leave each other on the plantation but with the consent of the rest, or the greater part of the company, who have entered into this engagement.

As for our gathering together into a church way and the choice officers and members to be joined together in that way, we do refer ourselves until such time as it shall please God to settle us in our plantation.

In witness whereof we subscribe our hands, this first day of June 1639.

Robhert Kitchell (AKA Robert Bickell)
John Bishop
Francis Bushnell
Francis Chatfield
Tho Cooke (AKA Thomas)
Abraham Cruttenden (AKA Crittenden)
Wiiliam Chittenden (AKA William Crittenden)
Henry Doude
William Dudley (ss)
John Hoadley
John Housegoe (AKA Housingsoe)
Thomas Joanes
John Jorden (AKA Jurden)
Henry Kingsson (AKA Kingstone)
William Leete (ss)
John Mepham
Tho Naish (AKA Thomas)
William Halle (AKA Noble)
Thomas Norton (AKA John)
John Permuvly (AKA Parmarly)
William Plane (ss)
John Stone
William Stone (ss)
Richard Guttridge (AKA Richart Sutridge)
Henery Whitfield (AKA Henry)"

Spellings are as shown in the book. AKA are the spellings found in more recent copies.


Henry Doude built a home 1/4 mile from the northeast corner of the Guilford "Green" on the road passing on the east side of the Green. His exact residence at the time of his death and grave site are unknown. Henry was probably buried at the Village Green. In 1824 the last of the headstones were moved to Alderbrook Cemetery on the town's east side as the Village Green was turned into a park and gathering place. Many of the early founders were buried in the town Green and have since been moved when the Green was turned into a park in the 1800's.

He is believed to have signed his name "Henry Doude" under the heading of PLANTERS on shipboard before landing at Guilford. The available copy of the Covenant is from a transcribed copy from a descendent of Henry Whitfield and is not the original. Henry is on the 1650 Planters List. A later list of Freemen gives his death date as Aug. 31, 1668.

Henry’s home lot in the current town of Guilford, Connecticut is on State Street ( was Crooked Lane) beginning at number 82 and continuing for five houses south. In 1647, it was sold to Samuel Blachley:

"Item one Home lot bought of Samuel Blachley late the lands of Henry Dowde lying next to the house lot of John Norton on the North and containing and allowed for two acres."

In 1650, it was sold to Thomas French, sold again in 1656 to William Boreman, then sold on January 18, 1663 to Nathan Bradley. Mr. Bradley sold it to John Chittenden on May 20, 1667.

In 1885, the house lot was owned by William Dowd who is said to be a descendent.

Children of Elizabeth Woollett and Henry DOUDE are:

2 i. Mr. DOUDE, born Abt. 1636 in <Guilford, Haven, CT>.

This first child is believed to have been born in England and may have been left behind with relatives or could have died before Henry and Elizabeth sailed to America. Most researchers believe there was a child during the first years of the marriage.

3 ii. Rebecca DOUDE, born 1642 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut; died October 16, 1703 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut. She married Daniel EVARTS March 01, 1664 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut; born Est. 1610-1642; died 1692.

4 iii. Mary DOUDE, born 1648 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut; died May 11, 1693 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut. She married Samuel HUGHES April 26, 1666 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut; born February 1640 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut; died May 11, 1693 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut.

5 iv. Thomas DOUDE, born 1648 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut; died February 07, 1713 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut. He married Ruth JOHNSON December 11, 1679 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut; born November 18, 1654 in Guilford, Middlesex County, Connecticut; died December 09, 1713.

Thomas moved to the East side of Guilford, now known as Madison, soon after marrying and erected a log cabin. It was situated just North or behind what was known as the "Dowd" house in 1885. It would currently be located on Liberty Street.

6 v. John DOUDE, born May 24, 1650 in Guilford (Now Madison), New Haven County, Connecticut; died December 12, 1711 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut. He married (1) Hannah Sellman June 14, 1679 in Guilford (Now Madison), New Haven County, Connecticut; born Abt. 1655 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut; died April 19, 1687 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut. He married (2) Mary BARTLETT January 02, 1688 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut; born September 11, 1669 in Guilford or Killingworth, New Haven County, Connecticut; died November 1724 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut.


Killingworth Congregational Church Records

These records are reported to contain the following information:

John Dowd, son of Henry and Elizabeth, born 24 May 1650 and died Feb. 1712. He married: 1) 14 June 1679 Sarah Fallman who died 19 April 1687; 2) January 1688 Mary Bartlett of Killingworth Connecticut. Lived in Guilford Connecticut. Children: Mary, John, Jacob, David, Abraham, Isaac, Hannah, Ebenezer, Elizabeth.

John Dowd is buried in Madison, New Haven Co., CT. February 1712.

His will was probated April 03, 1712.

Sarah Tallman has been incorrectly given as the name for Hannah Sellman.

Hannah Sellman is the correct name based on the Guilford Land Records.

John and Sarah were married by Captain John Chester of Wethersfield.

Mary Bartletts' father is believed to be George Bartlett who resided in the local area. Other researchers have reported her father as being John and her grandfather as Edumund but I believe this to be incorrect.

Marriage was performed by Mr. Andrew Leete.

7 vi. Jacob DOUDE, born February 16, 1653 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut; died 1669.

8 vii. Jeremiah DOUDE, born 1655 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut; died August 16, 1668 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut.

9 viii. Elizabeth DOUDE, born 1657 in Guilford, Middlesex County, Connecticut; died August 09, 1669 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut.

10 ix. Sarah DOUDE, born August 16, 1660 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut; died Est. 1649-1738. She married John BOWERS June 14, 1679 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut; born Est. 1608-1655; died Est. 1649-1733.

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