The Canada Connection

This article has only just started and I am not at all sure what to write!  Anyone out there fancy adding a bit more detail (please!!).

The final trigger for this page was a search of the internet which brought up mention of Woollett Falls and Woollett Lake in Canada.  One web site which mentions these locations, mostly in relation to canoeing in the area, is .

"Perhaps one day we will find out how Woollett Lake got its name.?"

I asked that question and within a couple of days Nick Allwork in Canada managed to research the answer.  Nick has contributed enormously to the Woollett family history database and come up trumps again. He wrote "This reply comes from the good people at "

Lac Woollett, Quebec situated north of Quebec[City], it can be found on map 32
P/05, the coordinates are 51 26 - 73 47.  Named in 1964 for pilot Babe Woollett. Canadian
Geographical Journal November 1975 page 33.  Lac Woollett was named in 1945
after Walter "Babe" Woollett, a British pilot who served with the Royal Air
Force before he came to Canada in 1928.  He was considered to be a pioneer
of northern Quebec flight exploration.  He worked for Canadian Airways which
serviced Labrador, and he also worked for Dominion Skyways which serviced
routes for northwestern Quebec.

Note from Les....

Walter (Babe) Woollett O.B.E., M.M., was born in Rochester, Kent (UK) in 1906 and I am enormously grateful to his son Charles (Chips) who sent me a copy of the book written by Babe called "Have a Banana" ISBN 0-919899-07-2.  He was quite a character and maybe I will be able to add a section about him later.

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