Here are some links to other genealogical sites which you may find useful and are worth a visit:



Public Records Office in central London (now called the Family Records Centre) and the PRO at Kew.

UK General Registry Office. Source for Birth, Marriage and Death certificates.  Now part of the National Statistics web site.  
Genealogy Gateway to the Web - a huge site of links to other genealogical resources.

The Society of Genealogists. Based in London, the Society was founded in 1911 to promote and encourage the study of genealogy and heraldry.

Link to the GENUKI home page.


Link to the Broderbund "Family Tree Maker" web site.

Cyndi's list of genealogical sites on the internet, links to many hundreds of other sites.
The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies in Canterbury, Kent. button

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