Census - Bearsted

Thanks to Phil Stroud for this extract.

1861 - Bearsted, Kent.
Bearsted Street     
Charles WoollettHeadMarried29Ag. Lab.Thurnham
ElizabethWifeMarried35 Bearsted
WalterSon 3 Bearsted
IsabelDaur 1 Bearsted
Bearsted Street     
Philip WoollettHeadMarried36Ag. LabBearsted
SophiaWifeMarried29 Maidstone
EmmaDaur 4 Bearsted
WilliamSon 2 Bearsted
JamesSon 9m Bearsted
Roseacre Street     
Robert WoollettHeadMarried31Ag. Lab.Bearsted
Mary A.WifeMarried25 Bearsted
ThomasSon 2 Bearsted
ElizabethDaur 3m Bearsted
Maria HickmottVisitorUnmarried14 Bearsted
George WoollettBoarderWidower72Ag. Lab.Bearsted
Roseacre Street     
With George Cheeseman     
William WoollettBrother-in-lawUnmarried16Ag. Lab.Thornham
Edward WoollettLodgerUnmarried23GardenerThornham
Fauchons Farm Cottage     
Henry WoolvenHeadMarried27CarterBearsted
ElizaWifeMarried35 Bearsted
Fanny?Daur 4 Bearsted
GeorgeSon 4 Bearsted
Robert WoollettBoarderWidower72Ag. Lab.Bearsted
Ashford Road - Rose Inn     
Philip WoollettBoarderUnmarried19Ag. Lab.Bearsted
Ashford Road     
Mary WoollettHeadWidow61 Bearsted
Mary A. WoollettDaurUnmarried17Paper factoryBearsted
Sutton Street     
Thomas WoollettHeadMarried45Ag. LabBearsted
Elizabeth A.WifeMarried43 Harrietsham
WilliamSonUnmarried17Ag. LabBearsted
Mary A.Daur 15 Bearsted
ThomasSon 13 Bearsted
FannyDaur 10 Bearsted
CharlesSon 8 Bearsted
AnnDaur 5 Bearsted

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