Burial Records - Otham

This information was kindly provided by Phil Stroud:

Woollett Burials
DateNameAgeEst. Birth YearNotes
20 Apr 1660Ottowel Woollet  fil of Henry Woollet & Ann his wife
2 Oct 1665Mary Woollet  d. of John Woollet & Mary his wife
20 Aug 1671Mary Woollet  d. of Henry Woollet
7 Apr 1699Rebeka Woollet  wife of John Woollet
22 Mar 1709Sarah Woolet   
9 May 1739John Woollett  of Maidstone Parish
11 Sep 1743Richard Woollett  of Maidstone Parish
4 Mar 1747Henry Woollett  an infant of the parish of Maidstone
30 Sep 1765John Woollett  an infant of the parish of Maidstone
14 ??? 1766Thomas Woollett  an infant of the parish of Maidstone
6 Jul 1767John Woollett  son of James Woollett of Maidstone
21 MarJohn Woollett  an infant
28 Feb 1790Ann Woollett  wife of James Woollett of Maidstone
15 Feb 1793Stephen Woollett   
17 Aug 1794William Woollett  an infant from Maidstone
25 Dec? 1796Edward Woollett  an infant from Maidstone
1 May 1799William Woollett  an infant from Maidstone
6 Dec 1809Eleanor Woollett901719 
29 Apr 1810John Woollett  From Maidstone parish
3 Jun 1810Martha Woollett  an infant from Maidstone parish
19 Apr 1812James Woollett   
29 Oct? 1812William Woollett   
Jan 17th 1813Henry571756 
Jul 17th 1820Martha6m1820 
Jul 11th 1827Jane10w1827 
Aug 1st 1827Jane201807 
Jan 23rd 1833Sarah331800 
Dec 10th 1839Ann181821From the union workhouse at Linton,
presumably mother and daughter
Dec 10th 1839Ann5 days1839
Jan 27th 1842Priscilla771765 

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