Baptism Records - Maidstone

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All Saints - Maidstone - Woollett Baptisms
23 Apr 1628Mercy Woollet dau of William
Sept 1630Patience dau of Michael
23 Oct 1631Robert son of William
4 Dec 1631?? son of Michael
14 Sept 1634Mary dau of Thomas
4 May 1635Thom ? of Thomas
9 Jul 1636William son of Thomas and Eliz
22 Jul 1637Bettiny? dau of John Wollett and Mary
9 Sept 1637Eliz dau of Thomas and Eliz
18 Aug 1638Nicholas son of Thomas and Mary
19 Aug 1638Mary dau of Thomas and Jane
14 Dec 1754Eliz dau of Jane and Ann Woollett?

All Saints - Maidstone - Woollett Baptisms (cont.)
1783Sept 15Johnof Ann Woollett
1784Feb 22Robertof Robert and Mary Woollett
 Mar 21Frankof Robert and Mary Woollett
1786Mar 10Maryof Robt and Mary Woolet
1787Feb 25Mary annof Jon and Mary Woolett
 Mar 18Jamesof Stephen and Eliz Wollett
 Apr 8Marianneof Richard and Tamzine Woollett
1788Mar 7Jamesof James and Ann Woollett (the 6th)
 Mar 16John Turnerof Ann Woollett. Supposed of Jn Turner
 Mar 30Henryof Robert and Mary Woollett
 Oct 26Fannyof Robert and Mary Woollett b. Sept 26
1791May 11Annof John and Mary Woollett
 Nov 6Robertof Robert and Mary Woollett
1792May 27Richardof Robert and Mary Woollett b. 25 April
1793Oct 11Robert Williamof Robert and Ann Woollett b. 22 Sept
 Oct 13Sarahof Robert and Mary Woollett b. 2 Sept
1794Mar 1stWilliamof Richard and Esther Wooller b. Feb 13
 Jun 6Edward and Williamof Robert and Mary Woollett b. June 6
1795Apr 26Maryof Robert and Mary Woollett b. Apr 3

All Saints - Maidstone - Woollett Baptisms (cont.)
1818Aug 21Sarahof Henry and Alice Woolet Labourer
1819Apr 30Sarahof Robert and Elizabeth Woollett Paper maker
1823Nov 16Thomas Bartonof John and Mary Woollett Bricklayer
1824Sep 5Elizaof Henry and Alice WoollettLabourer
 Sep 5Elizaof Charles and Susan WoollettLabourer
 Nov 17Eleanorof Thomas and Mary WoollettCutler
 Nov 17Charles Jamesof Robert and Elizabeth WoollettPaper maker
1827Dec 19Williamof Susan Woollett 
1828Jan 2Charlotte Janeof Stephen and Jemima WoollettHairdresser
 Aug 20Charles Thomasof William and Mary WollettLabourer
 Aug 24Henryof John and Elizabeth WoollettPaper maker
 Oct 10Charles Thomasof William and Mary WoollettLabourer
1829Jan 18Annof Robert and Elizabeth WoollettPaper maker
 Sep 10Johnof John and Ann WoollettPaper maker
1830Mar 21Janeof Robert and Amelia WoollettLabourer
 Mar 22Jemima Dianaof Stephen and Jemima WoollettPostman
1831Mar 20Annof John and Ann WoollettPaper maker
 Apr 29Charlotte Sally Rachelof William and Mary WoollettLabourer
 Nov 2Georgeof Edward and Susan WoollettBlacksmith

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